Welcome to After The Last Day (the ‘phoenix’ edition)

Rebuilding after the END.

Nobody expected it to happen.

The END.

Only one (brilliant) man, Captain Doomsday (that’s me) predicted it, and they still said it would never happen.

They said he was crazy.

And for once the fiendishly good-looking crackpot misunderstood genius was right.

But when the hosting service went down (as the good Captain predicted!) there was just no way to save everything.

One by one the lights went out in the beacon of hope that was After The Last Day (hashtag ThisIsHowTheWorldEnds)…and the site was gone…sunk in a merciless sea, drowned and gone…forever.

And then a glimmer of hope.

It may well have been mankind’s darkest hour, but while mankind still lived, there was hope. Rebellions are built on hope and hope lit the way for our intrepid Captain to pick up the threads of what was left of civilisation, or at least this website, and to begin again the painful process of weaving together what would surely be the new world’s most popular blog* for you, its faithful reader.

For you, beset on all sides by the zombie horde, you sprouting a third eye from the radiation fallout, you fighting in the desperate resistance against the alien marauders, you crawling from the ashes of what once was, YOU need this glimmer of hope – and timely advice – to help you BEGIN AGAIN, to RISE UP FROM THE ASHES, to once again feel the FORCE flow THROUGH you –

Yeah. So, back up and running. Good to be back. As my old friend Ramirez once said, I’m rather glad the magic worked.

Stay tuned! Your fearless Captain will be repopulating the world blog one article at a time.

*Hey if it’s the only blog at the end of the world, it’s gotta be the most popular, right? Right?